Whitney & Company is a global consultancy focused on branding, marketing, community and growth. We help organizations grow and transform by getting more out of their brands, their investments, and their people. A network of expert consultants based in Asia, Europe and Americas provide strategic, creative, and organizational expertise to create clarity out of complexity, diminish execution risk, and increase the value of organizations and their offerings. Whitney & Company works with clients to help them leverage brand strength across multiple distribution channels, industry sectors, and conversations.

Building a brand is the process of creating a stand-alone identity for a company that fuels all customer company relationships. As the global consumer marketplace becomes more complex and changes with ever increasing rapidity, the ability to tap the power of a brand and capture consumer imagination will become an absolute business necessity. Building a brand involves an entire business system and is core to business strategy.

Whitney & Company's brand strategy practice builds brands from the inside out by merging the classically discreet areas of marketing and brand management with organizational development. We create organizational capacity to face and solve business challenges by finding answers within a company's own roots and systems. This differs from a more traditional consulting approach where company issues are taken away, solved, then returned as answers.

Our areas of expertise lend themselves to companies and organizations of all sizes that possess entrepreneurial spirit and seek to become highly functioning enterprises. We bring fresh thinking to every business along with hands-on expertise. Our brand strategy assists leaders in growing their organizations and their people through critical transition years.

Whitney & Company is keenly interested in bringing purpose and meaning into business relationships. We are committed to nurturing people, encouraging entrepreneurial collaboration, and cultivating ideas that bring ventures to life. Above all we are focused on creating tangible value and lasting results through effective partnerships. Our brand strategy practice provides comprehensive services to design and implement growth strategies, assess brand risk, measure brand value, and support the growth of emerging branded businesses.